audit digitization

  • 详情 Digital Intelligence Empowers audit Transformation and Promotes High-quality Development of Enterprises
    Audit digitalization is the organic integration of digital technology and audit work; Internal audit digital intelligence is a collective term for internal audit digitalization and internal audit intelligence. This paper systematically expounds that the digital transformation of audit is conducive to achieving internal audit goals, giving full play to the internal audit function, and improving the efficiency of internal audit. The main paths and key points of the digital transformation of enterprise audit are introduced, and it is pointed out that intelligent audit is a major trend in the future development of auditing. The three types of intelligent audit and the application of digital twin in commercial bank audit are introduced. A brief introduction to Bank of Jiangsu's research-based audit and its achievements. It is pointed out that the digital transformation of audit is also the upgrading and transformation of organizations and talents, and it is necessary to vigorously cultivate and introduce audit professionals to support the smooth achievement of digital transformation of auditing.